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Customer Satisfaction is top on our list

We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important part of any business. This is something that resonates throughout our company and is at the forefront of any project we embark on. Constant communication with our customer base allows us to offer cost effective IT solutions that help our clients do better business. First and foremost, achieving results for our clients (and their subsequent satisfaction) is imperative to us. Quite simply we consider a client's online success to be our online success, making us your perfect digital partner.

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A seamless 'one-stop' solution

We are truly one of the rare IT companies that offer a one stop IT service. Our accomplished skill set ranges from responsive website design, development and deployment, hosting, network configuration through to general IT support and server management. Our remote access software allows us to access your PC or server directly from our office. This enables us to give you instant IT support as and when required.

Website design and development

All development and sites are built from scratch using the very latest web technology, resulting in online solutions with a longer shelf life. A combination of highly developed web design skills and innovative development capabilities ensure that your website will be as complex or as simple as you specify, but always with a stylish and striking front-end.

The immediate thing that someone sees when browsing your website for the first time is its graphical layout; for this reason it's incredibly important to ensure that a visitor is instantly impressed by a website's design and across various platforms and devices. As design trends and technological advances move ever quicker, every website would benefit from a refresh and being device optimised at the very least. A website that has been developed with SEO in mind also allows you to reach a wider market and in turn develop relationships with potential customers enabling your company to improve online business and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Your network in our safe hands

Your internal network and server environment is vital to the smooth running of any operation. Our aim is to support that and make your network as efficient and secure as possible. We have a 24 hour support service on hand to assist you when required. Our dedicated tech support team are on hand to assist with security, antivirus, hardware or software issues and backup and disaster recovery.

Reliable & robust anti-virus protection

Security is always paramount. We've partnered with McAfee to offer a security solution that can be centrally managed remotely. This allows us to identify any issues before they actually become a problem. This proactive solution aims to prevent damage before it begins.

Google Apps and cloud backup

We've partnered with Google to offer a full Google apps migration and deployment service. We can take your existing email and data then migrate it to the Google Cloud platform giving you full and secure global access from your desktop mobile or tablet device. Workflow sharing is also made easy using Google apps where you have the ability to collaborate with team members and share data.

Backup and disaster recovery is a very important part of your business and has to be taken seriously we have a backup service that not only backs up each individual user profile but also has the ability to back up a full server environment. All data is stored offsite encrypted and secured. Access to the data backups are at your fingertips. Access is always available to your control panel and recovery can be made at any point.

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